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Normally I post about my Fantasy Baseball team today (Monday), but since it’s the Break, this matchup won’t be over until the weekend. So instead I’ll talk about the state of the blog. I’ve been reviewing a few templates to finally update this basic one. At some point you’ll see this one come up. I’ve also been reorganizing the categories and tags, which will make for easier searching.

The most popular categories, interesting enough, remain my strategy posts. I wrote about the Norway campaign in Panzer General and OODA loops. I wrote about OODA loops during my attempt to implement them against AI in Metal Gear Solid 2. Some people also liked the coverage about Kickstarters, and the various indie games I’ve discovered.

So I’m guessing the message here is: more useful content! This is my personal blog so I won’t be putting too much time into tailoring content for traffic. But I’m always looking to add useful content for people. I consider my readers to be my friends!

We’ve just about reached the 300 post mark and despite what WordPress metrics tell me, I’ve done a post every day since January 1. That’s 190 posts as of this one. I’ll continue with another 175 posts by the end of this year, and reassess the daily posting then. If you’re thinking about making your own blog, let me tell you that the rumors you’ve heard are true: daily posting is hard. Ranking content is even harder. This isn’t a niche site per se, but the video game niche is crowded. I suspect the vast majority of eyes have been captured by streamers and YouTubers. A few friends and I predicted this nearly a decade ago, but that’s a story for another time.

Anyhow if you’re one of the 1,000 or so that have made your way to my personal space over the last two years, I thank you. Changes are coming soon and I hope you enjoy them.

The owner of this site.

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