Cancelled Games: Damage Inc. (Metallica)

Once upon a time, during the St. Anger era of that famous metal band, I caught a story on some outlet about a Metallica themed car combat game. Damage Inc seemed like a natural title for such a project. A short CGI trailer came with the St. Anger album, with a promise of a 2005 release date. That was the last I heard about it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the game never came out. Fast forward 15 years or so. Lo and behold, footage of this cancelled oddity is on YouTube. Check out this excellent video PtoPOnline about Damage Inc.:

At the time I scoffed at the idea. But the early build of the gameplay, now I wish it had come out. If the developer used the right Metallica tracks this might have become a cult classic.

The games that never come, eh?

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