Batman NES – Longplay

Batman for the NES (1990) as played by NintendoComplete. This is a 26 minute long run through, and rather impressive considering no deaths:

I rented Batman NES once, died a whole bunch of times, and never looked back. While we malign most movie-to-game conversions (and rightfully so) Batman avoided the steaming garbage reputation. The interesting thing that besides a few pixelized movie stills and character models, this game has little in common with the 1989 Tim Burton flick. That’s probably a good thing.

NintendoComplete also posted a lengthy and detailed review of the game, if you want to know more about it. I recommend it.


Yesterday I finally got in my hard copies of How To Write Adventure Modules that Don’t Suck, the Adventurer’s Alamanc, and Our Favorite Adventure Modules and What We Learned From Them. Phew, I’m gonna have to use acronyms for all of those in the future. Anyhow, these are beautiful books. I started peeking at HTWAMTDS, and will have a full overview of it later on in the month. Thanks to Goodman Games for the delivery.

Nintendo E3 2017 Spotlight Highlights

Nintendo presented its E3 2017 Spotlight today. It was a 25 minute long pretaped presentation with Reggie Fils-Aime. The games showcased are listed below.

Link to the Replay:


  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  • Kirby
  • Poken Tournament Deluxe
  • Pokemon RPG
  • Metroid Prime 4
  • Yoshi
  • Fire Emblem Warriors
  • Breath of the Wild DLC – The Master Trials
  • Breath of the Wild DLC – The Champions’ Ballad
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
  • Rocket League
  • Super Mario Odysessy

EA Play 2017

At the EA Play press conference earlier today, the company presented seven games and one DLC, including new IPs A Way Out and Anthem. A Battlefront 2 multiplayer gameplay demonstration lasted over 15 minutes.


Madden 18

Developed by EA Tiburon and coming out August 25. Tom Brady is the cover athlete and the game uses the Frostbite Engine. There’s a new story mode called Longshot.

Battlefield One DLC – In the Name of the Tsar

Developed by DICE and coming out in September. The DLC will move the fighting to the Eastern Front, feature new units and vehicles, and six maps.


Developed by EA Sports and will drop September 29. The cover athlete is Cristiano Ronaldo. This game will continue Journey mode, the single player mode that centers around pc Alex Hunter.

Need for Speed Payback

Developed by Ghost Games, set for release on November 10. This installment features three player characters with different attributes, Tyler, Mac, and Jesse as they try to take down The House cartel.

A Way Out

Developed by Hazelight and due out in 2018. An EA Originals title, this game is two player co-op game that features split screen gameplay prominently.


Developed by Bioware. This is a brand new IP. More information will be available at the Microsoft Press conference.

NBA Live 18

Developed by EA Sports and due out in late 2017. This has a new mode called “The One” and features two career paths, the Street and the League.

Battlefront 2

Developed by DICE and due out November 17. The sequel to the 2015 game has a new single player campaign, class system, and free DLC.