Changing the CEO Guard at Sony

As multiple sources reported a few days ago, Kaz Hirai announced he was stepping aside as CEO of Sony while remaining chairman of the company. Current CFO Kenichiro Yoshida will become CEO on April 1st. Ars Technica gives a clue as to what sort of direction we can expect for Sony going forward:

Yoshida made his mark on Sony by helping Hirai make tough calls to make major cuts to get the company on the right track. That effort is ongoing, so expect continuing changes with regards to both Sony’s tech and entertainment products.

As far as I know, the PlayStation brand has enjoyed a resurgence from the early PS3 era, but as the article notes Sony is still a far way from its halcyon¬†days in 2000. Form the sounds of things Sony’s entertainment division should be getting nervous with a tough ax man now at the helm, and their smartphone division still remains in dire straits. What it all means for PlayStation and its future offerings, considering Yoshida considers all companies today “technology companies” is anybody’s guess.

I’m assuming we’re not going to get any successor handhelds to the Vita anytime soon. But the PS4 family is still five years old this coming fall, even with the 1.5 update, the customer base will be wanting new toys one day.

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