Fantasy Baseball Update Week 17

Another week, another loss for the Makers, who are now 6-11 on the season. I can’t help but feel, after the glimmer of competency last week, that the Loss this match up was preordained. This will be a brief post as I’m currently occupied with a much larger project. The main culprit for the loss this week was the absentee pitching. A week after they fired on all cylinders and delivered five wins, the hurlers returned to their non-factor form, scratching up a measly 30 points. The offense remained decent, delivering 226 points. The Makers lost by about 60 points to the last place team, but we’ll have time to settle the score. I believe I have two or three more matches scheduled against this particular opponent.

This week I’m up against a first place team with the best record in the league. They were my week three opponent, when they decisively crushed me by over 200¬†points. If the Bad Makers stick around this week,¬†it’ll probably be a repeat performance. Anyhow, I’ll report back next Monday on how they did. Thanks for reading!

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