Fantasy Baseball Update Week 9

The Makers managed to win though it didn’t feel easy at all this past week. My opponent and I scuffled through it all. The team turned in three bad days on the back of some bad starting pitching. But his squad had worse days. May 31 was disastrous for him while the Makers regained their balance, putting up nearly 70 points on their foes. They took the lead that day and wouldn’t relinquish the rest of the way. It’s a satisfying win. As a result, the Makers moved back up to 10th place overall in the league.

Scoring Summary

The Makers won the game 345 to 295. None of my guys did spectacularly this week. That’s a worrying trend for me. I’m still being undone by bad pitching, though not a few of my late round picks are coming back to earth. The injuries aren’t helping, but that’s been everybody’s problem this season. Anyhow, here’s the breakdown:


The bats put up 241 points. That’s an 11 point improvement over Week 8. Ender Inciarte contributed the most with 34 points. First round pick Cabrera did second best with 31 points. Newcomer Maybin gets the worst player distinction with 2 points, but since he landed on the DL on his first day, he doesn’t count. That leaves this dubious honor to Nick Markakis with 5 points.

Overall, the offense scored 32 runs, clubbed 12 homers, had 26 XBH, 44 RBIs, and 126 total bases. Additionally, they got four GWRBI, 26 walks, 56 strikeouts, seven sacs, and four stolen bases.


The hurlers scored 104 points. This is a 14 point decrease from last week. Jeff Hoffman ended up turning in the best performance with 33 points. He was a last day pick up, an insurance gamble that paid off for me, for once. Almost makes up for the Corbin debacle last week. The worst pitcher award goes to our old friend Jose Quintana who gave us -27 points. He and Marco Estrada cost the Makers 51 points this week. Awful.

Across the board, the staff pitched 58.1 innings, allowed 27 runs (27 earned) on 60 hits. They coughed up ten home runs and issued 15 walks against 67 punch outs. They also managed two pickoffs! All told they tallied four wins, four losses, 0 saves and six holds.

Roster changes

Last week I crowed about four Monday morning acquisitions. So how did they do? As you read above, Cameron Maybin hit the DL on his first day. Diamondbacks reliever Archie Bradley surrendered his first homer and took his first loss of the season on his first day. Excellent. Starter Daniel Norris put up three whole points. Fantasy Pros touted him as a stealth pick and a two-start pitcher to boot. He ended up missing his second start anyway. Starter Junior Guerra, on the other hand, did very well. And on the last day, we picked up Hoffman, and you’ve already seen how he did. Two out of five ain’t bad?

Meanwhile, the injury bug turned the Makers into the Walking Wounded. Segura landed on the DL after a nasty collision. Harrison took a pitch on some part of his anatomy and is now DTD. He wasn’t the only one during the week to ride the pine to recover some dings. My infield is dangerously thin, and I’m short an outfielder, thanks to my previous maneuvering and Maybin busting. Kinsler remains on the DL, and of course, we’re all patiently waiting for Bumgarner.


I have my eye on a pair of guys: Cleveland rookie Bradley Zimmer and White Sox sub, Leury Garcia. Both guys are outfielders and flying under the radar in the league. Zimmer is a platoon guy who’s losing AB against lefties while Garcia is playing over his head.

For now, I’ll gamble with Zimmer. The Indians have better matchups this week, though they’re up against two lefties. Hopefully, he’s not benched in those games. Then again, one of those games is against my very own Quintana…I’m dropping Cervelli to make room for the guy. I hate to lose any Catcher depth, but he’s served his purpose, and his points are trending downward. I’ll take Zimmer’s 56 points these past two weeks over Cervelli’s 23.

I have way too many pitchers now, and it’s time for at least two of them to go. I think you know who’s going to get the boot. But I have to think about it for a while. I’ll have more in next week’s update.

As for the rest, I’m hoping Kinsler comes off the DL this Tuesday, so my infield gets some help.

Week 10 outlook

This week’s opponent is currently tied for first place in his division, ranked third in the league. Last week his team put up a smidge over 400 points in a loss to the league champion. He has a few monsters on his squad, including Manny Machado, Ryan Zimmerman, and Max Scherzer. Individually I have nobody who matches that caliber of talent. But the Makers are getting better as all the spare parts perform better and I trim away the scrubs. Still, I’m going to say I’ll need over 420 points to win. If I can avoid any more disaster performances from the pitching staff, it’s within reach. That said, I’m not confident of a win though so I’ll put the Makers in for a Loss in Week 10.

Season Outlook

We’re near the midway point of the season, and the Makers stand at 4-5 with 12 games left to play. On the whole, they’ve scored 2977 points and allowed 3266 points. That’s a losing ratio to be sure. Still, the team is doing much better now, and we await the return of Bumgarner. I realize that it’s sad to hope to do just one game better than 0.500 this season, how I could have known my pitching would be that bad out of the gate, and have my top draft picks hit the DL for extended periods of time? Besides, at this point last year the Makers’ record was 2-7. So they’ve already improved two games this year. In fact, if the coin had come up for me in those two hard-luck losses they’d be at 6-3 and tied for the best record. So it goes. Anyway, the goal is still alive. Thanks for reading this week’s update.

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