Intermission: FFVII

It took me just a few minutes shy of 45 hours to get to the end of Disc One of FFVII. If I had an operable PlayStation still, I could actually check my original timestamp from 1997 (assuming the memory cart still worked). My gut feeling is it took me about 25 hours to get there the first time around. Now that we’re on Disc Two, I have some leveling to take care of. I already went to Fort Condor for the next battle. I may make another stop or two before I head back to Corral Valley, and the Snow Fields beyond.

So while I take care of those errands, I’ll be taking a break from Read From Memory. I may post part 27 before the Fantasy Baseball Update. But more likely I’ll be back in the swing of things the day after. Thanks for reading the series so far!

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