Metal Gear Solid 2: Virtually Impossible Achievement

Have I mentioned that getting the “Virtually Impossible” trophy in Metal Gear Solid 2 is exactly what the namesake suggests?  After 16 hours and 20 minutes I’m at 41% complete, having cleared all but the Variety levels of Snake’s Virtual Missions. I still need to do all of his Alternative Missions before he’s at 100% complete. As expected, Pliskin was unlocked at 50%; I’m actually looking forward to playing with this skin. The Snake VR missions have been subtlety harder than Raiden’s; though the maps are more or less identical but the small alterations make the difference. I found Weapons Mode to be exceedingly tedious (if you ever find yourself going after this trophy, good luck with Grenades level 5). What was interesting though was how easy the Unarmed missions were. I half suspect these serve as a palette cleanser after the rest of the Weapons levels, which are mostly more obnoxious than they are hard. They’re much easier and flow better. But there’s another explanation too:  I might be much more used to controlling Snake this way. His punch combo, simplistic as it is, is much more elegant than any of his shooting. It just feels right.

It would be interesting to see what the most commonly used attack methods were in Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2. I wonder if there’s some moldy, dusty manila folder in a marketing desk drawer somewhere at Konami that contains research into that. I’d have to imagine that it was either unarmed or a pistol. You usually start off unarmed and even when you do acquire weapons; you tend to be rewarded if you play stealthy. This should come as no surprise in a tactical espionage game, by the way. Unless you pick up a suppressor or two, it’s usually unwise to go around shooting guards. Especially in MGS1 it was my preferred method to snap necks or use the silenced Socom. And since the aiming was so difficult in that game – try “locking on” a target off screen for a fifth generation blindfire exercise – it was easier to just sneak up on a hapless victim and perform some quick vertebrae realignment. After MGS2 introduced the M9 and First Person attacks, it was trivially easy to take down guards (non lethally) and move on. Unless you’re screwing around (I liked C4 and claymores myself – another weapons mode I excelled at in VR…) most of these Metal Gear games can be finished with just the handgun.

Yes I can hear your objection: you can’t beat Metal Gear Solid without stinger missiles. But you’re not playing stealth when you confront Metal Gear.

One other random thought: boy were these games not built for first person perspective. Controlling Snake and Raiden entirely in First Person Mode for those VR missions that require it is akin to driving on very icy roads. You kind of skid along and if you over steer with the analog sticks you won’t like the end results.

I’m hoping I can get this trophy before the Phantom Pain comes out.

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