Read From Memory: FFVII pt. 23

I had very little time to play FFVII today. After Cloud wakes up and decides to do the right thing and help Aeris,  we’re back on the world map. I deliberated continuing on with the main quest at this point. Cloud is strong enough (level 51) to defeat most anything the rest of the Disc One has to throw at us, but I’m thinking now might be the best time to grind the others up. Not to mention, get some more ultimates and other items.


Barret and Tifa are my default party mates, but I decided to swap out Tifa for Yuffie. Yes, it’s time to head to this world’s version of Japan. I took the Tiny Bronco the round about way, and finally landed on the shores of the western continent. During the last few dungeons we received a lot of powerful weapons with no Materia slots in them. Call me slow but I never put it together that this is because the game wants you to start Yuffie’s side quest(s) around this time.

My memory of Wutai is kind of hazy. I remember a mountainous dungeon, a confrontation with some Turks, and of course the town and its eerie, somewhat tragic music. As soon as I put ashore from the Tiny Bronco, I rearranged my Materia and accessories, and headed north. In short order, we go to a field map. Yuffie breaks from us and tells us that she knows the area well. With that, we’re ambushed by two Shinra-men, and the ninja books it.

Fight with the Shinra

Cloud and Barret face off with two guards in red outfits, and they prove surprisingly tough…considering I have no Materia of any kind! I forgot about that little plot twist: Yuffie is a Materia thief, so we have the second (third?) traitor in our midst. The Shinra guys spam us with a nasty status attack, leaving us blind and sad. They also use a grenade item, but their attacks are doing like 50-60 damage each time. They still managed to nickel and dime us so much that Barret’s limit break was full (called down Satellite Beam) and Cloud hit one guy for 1,000 damage to put it all away. Still, what an obnoxious little encounter.

After the battle, Red XIII comes up and tell us that all of the Materia is gone. This obviously won’t do, and Barret promises to ring her neck (or something like that) once he gets his hand on her.

So we head north a ways, and I equip everyone with their slotless weapons. I should mention that in the Clock Puzzle Room, I did fall down the tunnel and fight the miniboss there to obtain to the nailbat. It’s a pretty funny, out of character weapon for Cloud. I get to test it out in a random encounter here for the first time, and he deals out 1600+ damage in one hit. Damn.

I only got into two random encounters, and after traveling over a few bridges and in a valley, I arrive at the town of Wutai. Yuffie runs away as soon as we appear, but since I’m short on time today, I make use of the save icon and end it.

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