Read From Memory: FFVII pt. 24

Another short session today I’m afraid. We continue where we last left off, in the town of Wutai.

Wutai – Search for Yuffie

I backtrack a little to the weapon shop, but they’re not selling here. Too bad. Back to the save point, there’s an item shop with some good stuff and interesting (not to mention expensive) elemental based attack items. That’s handy to have with no Materia at the moment. Speaking of, one of the NPCs in here explains they’re too destitute to have any Materia. There is a chest with an MP Absorb Materia, which prompts thief Yuffie to drop in and steal it.

We head next to Turtle’s Paradise. Ah, so this is what all those Newsletters were about. There’s a contest going on, one of the NPCs informs us, and if we find all six Newsletters, we’ll get a special reward. Not a bad marketing idea. Anyway, our pals the Turks happen to be living it up at one of the tables. Elena wants to fight us, but Reno and Rude tell her they’re on leave. She shuts up reluctantly and sits back down (Rude mentions she spoiled the booze).

I checked the other houses, but Yuffie wasn’t anywhere to be found. So, I head to the next screen to the Pagoda.

The Pagoda

There’s a large house here with a free Inn (thank you) and a sleeping man, who tells us he doesn’t know no Yuffie. That prompts the ninja to show up and they promptly get into a Father-Daughter argument. She accuses him of being a coward and a boot licker to the Shinra, which prompts the man to chase her out of the house. He tells us to get the hell out too. Ok then.

In the background, the pagoda looms. We can’t do this sidequest yet without our ninja, so we’ll return there another time.

Chasing Yuffie

Back in the main part of Wutai, I head across the bridges to a largeish house. The owner calls us weirdos, but not as weird as some of the others that have come in to visit. Yuffie is hiding behind a screen, and when caught out she disappears. Back outside, she’s hiding out in the large pot outside of the Turtle’s Paradise. We corner her, and she’s contrite. She agrees to return the Materia and admits she knows what she did was wrong.

We follow Yuffie back to her house, and down stairs, there’s another Turtle Newsletter. She instructs us to hit the switch on the far wall to receive the Materia. But when we do so, an iron cage drops down onto Barret and Red XIII. She taunts us again and runs off.

At some point in all this, there was an interlude with the Turks. Two Shinra-men run in and breathlessly reports that they’ve “located him here, on vacation.” Elena steps up to the plate, but Reno and Rude continue to insist that they’re off duty and refuse to join the pursuit. The Shinra guys are stunned and tell them they don’t need them anyhow and will report this to HQ. Elena chides them for shirking their duties and runs off to help the guys.

Meeting an Old Friend

Back near the pagoda, we see a dog circling the bell on the left side of the screen. We approach the bell and ring it, and a secret door opens. Inside this place, there’s an actual ninja cornering Yuffie. He overwhelms her and soon yet another ninja appears – this time with Elena captured. In the back, the person responsible for all of this emerges: Don Corneo.


That’s right, the Wall Market pimp from way back is here, and he’s back to his old woman stealing ways. He’s taken a fancy to Elena and bagged Yuffie as a twofer deal. The villain taunts us and runs out, only to be blocked by a Shinra assault force. Our party arrives just in time to run into this encounter, which Corneo wisely sidesteps.

I’m prepared this time, with Cloud equipped with a Ribbon and glasses on Barret and Red XIII. The battle isn’t as tough as the first outing though, and the Shinra guys go down in short order. Afterward, we race out of Yuffie’s father’s house and meet up with Reno and Rude.

The Turks came to assist Elena, and agree to a temporary truce with Cloud and the others to search for her and Yuffie. We’re off to the mountains together as a sort of team.

Da-Chao and the Don

There are a few paths here in this statue carved into the mountain. We follow Rude around to multiple spots and pick up a new weapon for Cid. At the save point in town, I used PHS to swap out Barret and Red XIII for Vincent and Cid. The rest of my crew are 9-10 levels below where Cloud is, which is something I’m going to have to address next. Anyway, we finally confront Corneo near a precipice. He’s got Elena and Yuffie tied up to the face on the mountain, and he plays his familiar game. He picks Yuffie to be his woman that night, at which point Cloud arrives.

Cloud and Vincent chastise the perv for his silly games, while Cid loudly threatens physical violence against him if he doesn’t let Elena and Yuffie go. Corneo being himself, he toys with us and then demands to know why we killed his last pet, Abs. He has a new surprise for us though, Rapps, which is a small dragon.

Boss Fight: Rapps

bover_87 cautions us against this beast, but to be honest, he’s not too much of a challenge. He smacked Vincent and Cid a few times for ~230 damage, but he never cast any of his fierce spells (Slow/Stop, etc.). After a couple of beat downs, the dragonet is toast.

Undaunted by the death of his new pet, Corneo again taunts us. We get the similar Choose a Response dialog from our first run-in with the villain, and he plays his trump card: he has a remote control that can drop the woman to their doom. Before he can do so though, Reno intervenes while Rude knocks him off the ledge.

While he’s hanging there, Reno steps on his fingers and the hapless man drops to his doom. So passes Don Corneo, the big man of Wall Market. Apparently, Corneo was the Turks’ target all along, marked for elimination since he opened his mouth about “the secret.” I presume the secret was Shinra’s plan to drop the plate on Sector 7. At that moment, Reno receives a call, and apparently, the next target of the Turks is none other than Cloud. Rude asks if they’re going to fight, but after a long dramatic pause, Reno lets us go, saying that they’re on Leave.

Thanks for the solid, guy.

Back in Wutai town, Yuffie hands over all of our Materia, and like Cait Sith before hand wants us to forget about all of her transgressions and let her continue as before. Cloud simply walks out on her, and she chases after us.

With that we’re back on the world map, ready to continue our journey. But that’s for next time.

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