Read From Memory: FFVII pt. 25

Last time in FFVII we completed the Wutai side quest with Yuffie. Now for some level grinding and a quick stop to Fort Condor.

Leveling Again

With Aeris gone, I have eight guys left: Cloud at level 51, Vincent at level 48, Cid at level 45, and the rest falling between level 42-43. At this stage in the game, I’m not afraid of anything anymore. But since we’re close to the Disc Change and a lot of side questing lies ahead, I want to cut down on time spent there. So I took Yuffie and Red XIII and grinded up in the mountains of Wutai for a bit.

The loot drops in Wutai are pretty awesome: lots of X-Potions and the occasional Turbo Ether. The enemies are pretty weak, save for an obnoxious Magic Drain attack a couple of monsters have. The lowest XP is around 880 while the AP is all 130+ in these battles. Yuffie and Red are getting there, but I’m growing tired of the scenery in Wutai. So I head all the way back down to the Tiny Bronco and shove off for a different locale.

Thanks to a nice guide I found, I remembered a good place to grind. So I coasted to the island of Mideel, on the other side of the map, where the Sea Worms live. These are massive creatures that don’t do a ton of damage, but they do give you 1300XP, 200AP, and 5,000 gil. Not to mention a Turbo Ether every once in a while. I hunted these things for a while.

Fort Condor

Yep, this again. I wonder how many battles are left? This time there is a whole mess of guys who charge up the center. I’ve been deploying “tristoners” en masse there, and with combined arms of Shooters, Defenders, Attackers, and regular Fighters, the battle doesn’t take long at all.

Bone Village

I guess it’s time, huh? I can do a bit more grinding in the Sleeping Forest, or is it Correl Valley(?) before going to the City of the Ancients, which is our next destination. In the Bone Village, we need to dig up the Lunar Harp in order to “wake” the sleeping forest. You can go in there if you want, but there’s nothing to do. Except pick up the Kjata Materia which bounces around for some reason.

The Bone Village has some good armor (diamond and rune armlets), so I bought a pair for everybody. It’s an excavation site, the NPCs tell us, and for nature lovers. I don’t quite see how the two are connected, but okay. The digging game for the Lunar Harp is a minigame, where you try to guess where the buried Key Item is, then pay guys 100 gil a pop to dig it up. Let’s just say everybody knows where the Lunar Harp is, thanks to the plethora of screenshots of its spot since the Brady strategy guide was hot off the presses.

That done, we head back into the sleeping forest, wake it up, and that’s where I stopped for today. I have to make a run back to Fort Condor before proceeding to the city. I’m actually dreading this, which is surprising me.

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