Final Fantasy 64

VGbox provides an intriguing look at the mysterious Final Fantasy 64 demo:

The split between Nintendo and Squaresoft is worthy of its own post, although its been talked about ad nauseam since it happened. I remember seeing some bad screenshots in EGM in the early 90s, when the Nintendo 64 was still considered vaporware. Of course it never came to be and the lucky Playstation owners got Final Fantasy VII, which I’ve been talking about recently. Anyway, those screenshots and later video of the demo became an interesting “What if” story fodder as Nintendo Know explains in the video.


Next on Memory Lane: Final Fantasy X

The other day I was reminiscing about the year 2001 release catalog which included heavy hitters like Halo, Grand Theft Auto III, and Metal Gear Solid 2. I was remiss though in not mentioning Final Fantasy X. Like MGS2, FFX was one of those titles that sold the PlayStation 2 on me.  Now, today Final Fantasy definitely does not have the clout that it enjoyed in the 90s and early 00’s. Go ahead and google “Final Fantasy dead” and you’ll see a number of articles that should inform you as to the popular perception of the venerable RPG series.

Two things will give a brand a slow death: overexposure and over-extension. In the former’s case you see the thing everywhere to the point that you become inoculated against its marketing. But when a brand is overextended it can no longer stay true itself. I’m not sure when it came to that point for Final Fantasy, but my reverence for the series started its decline somewhere on the License Board in Final Fantasy XII. I suspect that it may have started with Final Fantasy X-2 for fans of the older entries and they may even be right.  What an apex, though. Final Fantasy X was a beautiful game for its time. Now that I have the HD Remaster for PS4, I’m anxious to see how well it aged.  As I have an academic interest in graphics programming on the PS2 I’ll be updating this post (or perhaps creating a new series) with some information on that aspect as well.

Almost time to ride ze shoopuf.