Paintbrushes for Minis

I’m in the midst of creating my work area for my hobby crafting, but it was time to consider learning about paintbrushes.

Here’s a video from Wargamers Shut Up & Jam Gaiden about this topic. It’s about 12 minutes long and gives an overview of the philosophy behind selecting brands.

My gaming group is fortunate enough to have a professional artist in its ranks, so many of us knew some of this from him. But since it’s been many years since I gave any thought to paintbrushes, it was time for a refresher.


Minigaming: The Return

Over the course of a decade, a good friend of mine lobbied me to give minigaming a try with the group. All of them were committed to Warhammer at the time. Finally, I relented and showed up to a game night, with two games in session. My only experience with wargaming to that point had been a few historical recreations of Napoleonic and Civil War battles with an older friend. If we followed some system for that, I was largely ignorant of it. While as a kid I enjoyed building models (not painting them…) up to then I hadn’t simulated a battle before. I remember the first game was a sort of skirmish recreation of Quatre Bras. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn I didn’t win that encounter or any that followed.

Anyway, back to the nearer past. I showed up for a game night to get a demo of minigaming. I was amazed that set up took as long as it did – several hours, felt like – and then the games weren’t even completed. A lot of complex maneuvering and micromanaging. They consulted rulebooks constantly, and I couldn’t tell if this was wargaming or D&D (I was ignorant of that game’s origins back then). At the end of it all, he asked me if was willing to sign up for that. I gave him a hard pass.

Give credit to my friend for persisting after that anyway. Maybe six months after that the guys decided to try a new game called Warmachines. At a demo at the local game store, I was instantly intrigued by the big mechs, the metal models, and the easy (compared to Warhammer) gameplay. This game felt more like Magic to me than D&D, and the best part: you could play with just a $50 investment. I chose the Cygnar faction, with Captain Haley as my caster.

We didn’t get too much of “Warmahordes” gaming in over the next year or so, but certainly more than Warhammer or any other system. I ended up trading the majority of my models to the same friend who lobbied me to join, for all of his Magic cards. Probably an uneven trade at the end of the day but as we both had recently married and were trying to create floor space in our respective homes.

Which brings me to the present day. I have a new battlebox of Cygnar guys, and there’s interest in the group brewing again for minigaming. This summer there’s going to be a big showdown between all of the former generals, and to prepare for it, I’m going to be blogging on this space one day a week. I don’t have a cute title for the series yet, but it’ll debut next week.

Thanks again for reading.