Do you know what day it is tomorrow?

I’ve been on a quest to get all of the platinum trophies for the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection (PS3). I had abandoned it rather abruptly two years ago when I went into one of those “achievements/trophies are a waste of time” depressive phases.  But with Konami seemingly going off the deep end I felt it was an appropriate time to scratch this item off the back catalog list. Before the series goes completely mobile casual or otherwise falls into some kind of sucktitude with somebody other than Kojima at the helm. And given today’s date, I thought it was time for an inaugural post on Usualjay.

(Here’s the complete list of trophies for Metal Gear Solid 2)

Since it came out first (in 2001) I chose to go after the platinum for the very well loved Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. I’m currently somewhere about 75% complete. It’s been slow going. The  guide that I’ve looked at (see link above) estimates 40-60 hours are required to unlock the platinum trophy. This is probably an accurate estimate. About 40% of the trophies can be unlocked as a matter of course just by playing the game (i.e., by beating bosses, beating the game once, killing X amount of guards, etc.). As for the rest though: you’re going to be come very well acquainted with this postmodern masterpiece if you’re planning to get every trophy.  To be sure, collecting the dog tags is time consuming, particularly on  the higher difficulty levels, but probably the toughest part so far has been going through all of the Virtual/Alternative missions and the Snake Tales. There are over 500 missions and 5 Snake Tales.


As you can imagine – if you’ve never tried any of that “extra” stuff before – it does start to feel redundant after a while. But the sheer volume of this 1P content is amazing, considering that these days we get 8-10 hour campaigns and the rest is made up in multiplayer. If we’re lucky. The missions and the tales are also fairly challenging, even if you’ve managed to readjust to the  fixed camera system and the occasionally stiff controls. I estimate there’s at least an extra 15-20 hours worth of gameplay here. I hope I actually get good at this game by the end of all that.

Coincidentally I also have the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for the Xbox 360. I spent a lot of time with the upscaled MGS2 back in 2011. Before undertaking the PS3 version I was considering going back and grabbing the rest of those 1,000 Achievement Points but I have to say that, at 75% complete on the PS3 version, I’ve had more than my fill of old school Metal Gear Solid. I never thought I would say that. But I also never thought I would actually go through all of the VR missions either.

That said, when I do finally manage to get that platinum I’ll write up some post mortem thoughts on what is still one of the most bizarre but rewarding games I’ve ever played. And about that date…

…Now I remember. (At the 9 minute mark).



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